Restored Samadhi of Bhai Vasti Ram

The Lahore Heritage Club is a self financed, non-political, non-government organisation, working for the conservation, preservation, and management of the rich cultural heritage of Lahore & Pakistan This forum looks at global audience and public to participate, in active dialogues on heritage and social advocacy issues both local and global .We do not accept any donations from individuals or organisations , however arts and crafts can be donated to our permanent gallery We believe in sustainable, long-term, well planned initiatives and interventions to transform highly populated urban areas, by green, Eco-friendly and energy efficient conservation best practices, into well-managed communities. To achieve these goals, the organisation works as a social advocacy group, and does not work as a pressure group or lobby. It uses a multi stake-holder approach to resolve different urban issues faced by individual residents, commercial communities, government and developmental/donor agencies. This Facebook page of The Lahore Heritage Club is dedicated to the people of Lahore, the cultural values of Lahore , and the people who have lived in Lahore for some time and now are looking at the roots ,the traditions , the music the Sufi rituals , the people who really care for Lahore and all those from all over the world who are interested in the entire process of Heritage preservation and conservation of the rich cultural heritage of Lahore